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I'm Angeline. Biomedical Engineer/ Cinephile. Mostly The Mindy Project, American Horror Story, and FEELINGS

anjuhlean: Re: sharing sides, what if we did like a skype thing where you basically read the script (with commentary and giggling)? EXTRA WORK FOR ANN BUT WE WILL LOVE YOU DEARLY


Oh, like I made a video of me reading them? 

A) I love my face, so obviously I don’t have problems showing it off. I have the nose of Rachel Barry 

B) I have made a video of myself in the past acting out “Take Me With You” playing both Mindy and Danny, so it’s not like I couldn’t do that, either.

C) That would be fine with me. This is a dead serious question: what do you guys think about that, re: safety? That’s the most important thing. Is that a good way to communicate information to where people that have the power to take sides down won’t

Yes! And we can play it off as your audition tape for The Mindy Project if push comes to shove haha

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